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We are a Full Service shop. Offering:

  • Custom paint
  • Body modifications
  • Fabrication
  • Upholstery
  • Frame off & partial restorations
  • Built in House - Custom headers & exhaust systems
  • Engine swaps & upgrades
  • Custom Chassis & Suspension


Rod & Customs 

 Each and every vehicle is unique and so are the challenges faced throughout the build process. Therefore all work is performed on an hourly basis.  We have many options for every potential restoration project we encounter. We want to give you the most accurate and honest prices and personally work with you to build your dream car! The first step to begin the process is to see the vehicle. Arrange transport of your vehicle or drive to our shop. If the vehicle is local in Southern Virgina or Northern North Carolina we may be able to come to you. This will give the most accurate estimate possible, customers are asked to be understanding of any unknowns during the restoration process. One may find concerned areas that were not noted until after the stripping of the car to its bear metal. Others can consist of engine or electrical components that may not be serviceable or restored. This meaning that other parts may need to be purchased, even areas under carpet or upholstery and any other areas that cannot be inspected without taking a component or a car apart. However, if transporting the vehicle is not possible at this time, sending full descriptive & detailed photographs of your vehicle with specific close up areas will give us the ability to give a general estimate. Complete restomod

Have a specific price range that you want to work with, we can work and give you an idea of what you can have done with the range you are working with.

****Pick up and delivery can be arranged via enclosed vehicle hauler****

Gillispies Garage

Body modifications, metal fabrication, frame off (Built in House)Custom headers & exhaust, Engine swaps & upgrades, air conditioning Chassis & Suspension